How Often Should I Water My Groveland Lawn

It has been a very dry fall and winter season here in Groveland. Perhaps the number one question we get asked this time of year is, “How often should I water my lawn?”

Simply put, your lawn should receive about an inch of water each week. We provide the following tips to make sure that your lawn is getting enough and how to measure.

Time of Day

You should be watering first thing in the early morning hours, when the sun can properly dry the grass without any evaporation loss. Watering mid-day prevents your grass from absorbing the water thanks to evaporation loss, up to 60% depending on the heat. That amounts to wasted water and extra money spent to get it on the lawn. Late afternoon or evening watering is also inefficient as the grass cannot dry before nightfall. This leads to fungus and disease, destroying your lawn.

How Often

In many areas, there are water restrictions, either seasonally or year-round. These are usually limited to the days you water, although it can be restricted to duration each day. Be sure to check your local ordinances to comply.

Ideally, you want to water deeply an inch of water each week. Note, you may be limited to two days a week which is often the case in Groveland. To determine how much your grass gets during a 15-minute watering, place sturdy containers strategically around the yard to get an idea of the average collection. For example, if you get a ¼” after 15 minutes, water for at least 30 minutes twice a week.


Now is a good time to watch your sprinkler or irrigation system to make sure it isn’t under watering in one area, or worse, watering the street. Additionally, adjust your sprinklers to give your shrubs and bushes less water, as they don’t need as much as your lawn.

Don’t Mow

Take a break from mowing during the winter months. Cutting your grass causes it to lose moisture.

If you have more questions about how often you should water, contact Local Lawn for lawn service in Groveland for a quick quote and your first month free!