Why You Should Be Fertilizing your Orlando Lawn Now

While it seems counter-intuitive to fertilize your Orlando lawn when it’s December and we’ve had little rain to speak of, now is the perfect time to give your grass some feed.

Fertilizers provide your grass and lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to have an active and healthy growing season. And while it may seem that your lawn isn’t growing as much now as it does during the summer heat, it still needs to be fed.  By getting your lawn on a regular feeding schedule, you’ll promote new root growth, which is crucial this time of year.

Additionally, you can combine your weed fighting tactics by using a weed and feed type of fertilizer. Not only does this help promote new blades of grass, but reduces and controls common Florida weeds such as carpetweed and crabgrass.           

A common misconception this time of year is that fertilizing your lawn will burn your yard. This happens when you use the wrong type or too much fertilizer for your yard. Using the correct type and amount now will prime your lawn for the warmer weather that will arrive in just a few short months.

We also recommend doing a soil test for pH levels during the winter months. This will give you time to adjust the acidity if necessary, and prepares your lawn to utilize the nutrients in the fertilizer. Your soil should be as close to neutral as possible in order to reap the most benefits. This equates to a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0.

While you and many of your neighbors are taking a break from cutting the grass, you shouldn’t be taking a break from lawn care. In order to have a beautiful and healthy looking turf this spring you need to fertilize now.

If you have questions about your Orlando lawn care, including fertilizing, contact Local Lawn for a quick quote and your first month free!