Davenport Gardens: Plant Snapdragons for Color through the Season

Although the weather is slightly cooler this time of year, and by cooler, we mean 70 degrees, certain flowers thrive in this weather. We recommend planting snapdragons in several varieties for cool weather color.

Snapdragons are characterized by an average size of 30 to 40 inches in height. At this height, these flowers add a nice dimension to garden mixed with ground covering flowers and bushes as well as mid-size flower stalks. Snapdragons also come in a dwarf plant at 6-15 inches. Combine dwarf and tall varieties for a full, bushy and colorful garden.

The flowers have a long sturdy stem with buds surrounding the stem. Flowers come in nearly every color, both in vibrant and more pastel shades. The buds typically start at the base of the stalk and work their way up throughout the season, making them a long bloom.

Snapdragons do particularly well in zone 9, which Davenport falls under. They prefer the cooler weather and bloom anytime from fall through spring. They often repeat bloom throughout the season.

Come summer, snapdragons will require more work if you intend to keep them. While they are perennial plants, landscapers in Davenport tend to treat them as annuals. They are easy to replace each season and grow quickly.

Snapdragons bloom liberally in full sun, but will also do well in partial shade. If you plan to keep them year-round, plant in partial shade and water well during the hotter months.

The flowers may attract aphids, but other than those, very few pests bother snapdragons. The plants can attract fungal disease in more humid months, making it another reason to plant these fresh in late fall, when our humidity has decreased.

Maintenance is minimal for these bright full flowers. However, should you have any questions about where to plant your snapdragons, give us a call at 407-873-6057 or contact us here. We can give you a free quote for your landscaping needs.