Now is the Time to Trim your Clermont Trees

Some of our neighborhoods, such as in Clermont, are a designated Tree City USA. These areas stay green by maintaining and landscaping a wide variety of trees, including evergreens. If you live in Clermont, or other nearby cities, now is the time to prune your evergreens to keep them in good health year-round.

What is an Evergreen Tree?

Simply put, evergreen trees stay green the entire year. While some of these may still shed their leaves, they do it gradually. Evergreens may have broad leaves or needle like leaves that you find on a pine tree.  Evergreens also include palms, acacia trees, as well as fir or pine trees.

Evergreens in Florida

Evergreens in Florida include palms, acacia trees, as well as fir or pine trees. While not all these types of trees need pruning, now is still a good time to check for dead limbs and branches and remove as necessary. If you’re not sure about which trees in your yard or business need pruning, be sure to contact us and we’ll send a qualified Clermont landscaper to take care of your questions and pruning needs.

When to Prune Evergreens

Evergreens should be pruned before spring and new growth occurs. By pruning now, this makes way for this new growth. By trimming back or removing older limbs, the plant conserves resources and nutrients. These resources supply the new growth and development of limbs, leaves and flowers for the tree. Additionally, by pruning in winter, you’re not cutting off the spring supply of food to the limbs.

How to Prune

Pruning your trees is more than taking a saw or snippers to the tree limbs. Plan for cuts so the tree remains balanced. Furthermore, using the right equipment ensures not only the health of the tree, but your safety as well. Depending on the job, you may need pruning shears or lopping shears. Pole pruners are handy for hard to reach areas, but should be used with extreme caution. Branches may not fall where you expect them too, so be sure to wear head and eye protection.

If you’re at all concerned about pruning trees yourself, contact a professional. You can reach Local Lawn by calling (407) 873-6057 or via our contact page. We keep Clermont and our other Tree City, USA cities green and healthy!