Altamonte Springs, do you know what your best sod type should be?

Sodding your lawn is expensive. Re-sodding because your soil didn't match your sod or because you have the wrong type of sod is even more expensive.

Case in point. Recently, one of our new clients requested an estimate for a partial re-sod of his front and side yards.  He mentioned that this is the third time he has had to re-sod these areas.  We talked about the basics, what time of year the sod was installed, making sure the area had adequate irrigation, possible fungus due to over watering, fertilization treatments, pests like chinch bugs, mowing height, etc.  During our conversation, he mentioned that the areas receive no sunlight.  Upon inspection of the property, it was determined that the incorrect type of sod had been laid.  He needed a shade-tolerant sod like St. Augustine Seville

Had this been determined the first time, the client would not have spent the extra time and energy, not to mention expense, of planting sod three times.

Sod works well over seeding your yard as it is professionally grown and cared for. You’ll need to determine what sod you need by considering these factors:

·         Shade or Sun

·         Usage – heavy foot traffic or none

·         Soil – Sandy soil, acidic or rich top soil

·         Area – if you have a large area, expensive sod may be cost prohibitive

·         Commitment – Watering and cutting grass takes time.

It is best to plant most types of sod during the fall, winter or spring months as during the summer, it is at risk of getting root-rot due to the amount of rainfall Altamonte Springs receives. You’ll also want to ensure your soil is prepared for the sod’s root structure to take hold and integrate with the base soil.

If you need professional help, Local Lawn can provide a quick quote for professional installation of your sod. Contact Local Lawn for your sod landscaping needs in Altamonte Springs and all Central Florida.