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  • It is impossible to garden without coming across pests on or near your plants. Large or small, they are unwelcome in any garden and rather barge their way uninvited. At the very least, they can disturb your garden’s ambient appearance, but if left undetected and to their own devices, they can rapidly destroy your plant’s vigor and strengthening, sometimes even crippling them to a point of no return.

    The key to a flourishing garden lies not only in early identification and treatment of pests, but also in understanding how to keep your plants healthy enough so to prevent them from being attacked in the first place.

    At our Cape Coral lawn service company, we’ve identified and got rid of many pests, the most common ones being rodents and moles. By looking at the garden as a whole and then identifying the specific problem (in this case pests), we’ve been able to stay a step ahead of pests while successfully rescuing gardens from their menace. In this article, we share our best practices and hope they help you maintain a pest-free garden.

    They sure is, but the route you choose to take will depend on whether you want to exterminate them from the face of this planet or relocate them off your lawn. Sadly, relocating them isn’t as effective as they always find their way back into your yard and underneath your soil. So killing them is normally the most-effective way to get rid of them for good. Traps with chemical-laden baits can be placed inside existing tunnels so as to trap the pest as it comes charging through the path.

    As effective as this might sound, it can be gut-wrenching to trap and kill them.  A kinder way is to trap the pest inside an upturned glass jar. This way the pest remains alive but restricted in its movement. The live animal can then be relocated to a place where it is less likely to cause any harm.

    Chemical-Free Controls

    Cape Coral Lawn Service

    Relying solely on chemicals to control pests might not always be the way to go. What’s more, if the treatment isn’t safe enough, it can cause long-term problems as well as harm non-pest animals and pets.  From experience, our Cape Coral lawn service company believes in incorporating a more environment-friendly approach for effective pest control.

    Maintaining good lawn care practices such as getting rid of badly infested or diseased plants, providing adequate water and nutrition supply to growing plants, and cultivating plants that are suitable for the local soil- all play a key role in controlling and limiting pests in one’s garden.

    At our Cape Coral lawn service company, we recognize the role that natural enemies play in facilitating the survival and growth of pests in a garden. After identifying the main culprits, we eliminate the root cause as well as get rid of the culprit causing the problem. This, we believe, has helped us significantly reduce the dependencies on chemicals to get rid of pests in gardens.