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  • It’s nearing 3-o-clock on a windy March afternoon and you feel like your life is stuck in circles- well, literally!

    Your favorite soccer team is playing for the cup just as you cut, trim and pluck those monster weeds yet again. You can hear the roar of the crowd through your neighbor’s television screen, can hear your neighbor cheering and edging the players on. Was that a goal scored? Are you missing something big?

    You can’t help but think “what wouldn’t I do to have my lawn fixed while I lay back and watch my favorite game?”

    You’ve been working on your lawn all week and yet, it feels like there’s plenty left to do. You thought this would only take a little time but by the look of things, it doesn’t seem to be even close to being nearly done. You can’t help but feel a little frustrated and sorry for yourself. You’re not the kind of person to play victim but we’re talking about your favorite sport here and all you can do is helplessly hear others enjoy the match while you dutifully tend to your lawn. It’s not like you had much of a choice to start with. With pests and weeds rapidly taking over your lawn, you’ve had little choice in the scheme of things.

    No wait, did you even have a choice? We guess not!

    DeLand Lawn Service

    The garden centers, the box owners- you’ve visited them all and are doing your best to action their recommendations. You even went ahead and hired a company that promised you nothing but the lushest and greenest lawn in your neighborhood. So why then do you feel shortchanged and at the end of your rope?

    Surely, wanting to own a lush green lawn shouldn’t feel impossible; especially not when the lawn care providers you hired upsold you everything you so desired and deserved. Heck, they even made you sign up for an annual membership with the promise of providing you service all-round the year.

    It’s March now and you can bet your money’s worth that they haven’t as much as peaked or tended to your lawn since November last year. You’ve called them several times, reminding them of their promise and contract and they give you the same scripted answer every single time “it’s the winter months and grass grows slowly.”

    Well, that’s beside the point. And it definitely doesn’t mean they leave your lawn looking as wild and unruly as the Amazon! Hell, you’ve been cutting regular monthly cheques even though they rarely show up! Things aren’t going as intended and you can’t help but ask yourself in frustration “where is my landscaper and why do they always play spoilsport?”

    Well, if the above situation sounds even remotely similar to what you’re going through, then you’ll be happy to know that your frustration and search for the right lawn service ends here. If you live in Sanford, then we’ve got just the right lawn and landscaping services for you.

    Lawn and Landscaping Services

    We’ve been there and have heard similar horror stories from several of our clients before they partnered with us. We hear you and understand just how nerve-wrecking things can be for no fault of yours. It’s precisely why we decided to dedicate our passion for cultivation to fulfill your dreams of owning a thriving green thumb. In fact we take pride in saying we’ve built our company with you in mind, offering many services at our convenient branches like our DeLand lawn service company.

    Ideas are changing within the gardening world, and most people now consider sustainability when they want to create and nurture a green space.  While winter can be a relatively quiet time in the garden, it does not mean you can neglect your lawn and let all the previous work go to waste. In fact, we’d say it’s extremely important that you maintain ideal growth conditions so as to ensure your lawn stays healthy and is ready to thrive during the seasons after winter.

    You see, having a good-looking lawn doesn’t have to be as tough as most people make it out to be- especially not if you partner with like-minded and equally passionate landscapers like us. At LocalLawn, our DeLand lawn service company takes painstaking care to understand your needs and the needs of your garden so as to work within the contours of it. Like you, we too are passionate about our lawns and are therefore always willing to go the extra mile.

    So while we might agree with growth conditions being relatively slow during the months of winter, we do not discount the fact that your lawn needs all-year care.  For us, this is serious business and so we make sure we’re giving you only the very best in lawn care service.

    Unlike many sketchy landscapers who show up only 36 times and once a month in the winter time just so they can make some quick money, many of our branches like our DeLand lawn service company offer weekly service between the months of April and October and bi-weekly (twice a month) service between the months of November and March. This way, you can, rest assured, that your lawn will look as pristine and lush as you want it to be- all year long!

    Ask us and we’ll say that it’s the least we can do to full your dreams of owning a luscious green turf.