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  • If you’ve been thinking about rearranging your shrubs in your yard, now is the perfect time to tackle that task. To begin with, it’s not as hot during January and February. This serves you well for two reasons. One, less risk to your plant of dying due to the heat and stress of transplanting. Two, it’s a more pleasant time to be outdoors for you as well. If the task proves too taxing then can always ask your local landscapers, like our Fort Lauderdale lawn service company, for a hand.

    Before you begin, always call the Call before You Dig number, 811. This ensures you’re not digging up anything you shouldn’t be, for your safety. This might include gas, electric, cable and water lines. Before you start digging up your shrubs, know if you should be digging in that area or not.

    How to Transplant Shrubs

    Before you start digging, determine your location. Is it better or worse for the plant you’re moving?

    Dig the new location first. You’ll want to be able to move the plant as soon as you dig it up, so the area should be prepped. That’s not to say you should dig to depths unknown. You can get an idea how wide and deep by digging around the current plant. Just don’t dig it all the way up yet.

    Dig up the plant by starting along the perimeter first, about 3 feet from the base. Keep as much of the root-ball intact as possible.

    Loosen the soil around the plant until you can slip your shovel under it.

    Once you have the shrub uprooted, use a tarp or dolly to move the plant to its new home. Try to avoid dragging across the yard as it will damage both the shrub and your grass.

    Place the shrub into the hole and shovel soil around the plant, straightening as you go. Pat down the soil so that the plant doesn’t shift during settling.

    Use landscaping mulch around the transplant to promote water retention. However, keep it away from the base directly so that it gets air as well. Consider asking your local landscaper, like our Fort Lauderdale lawn service company, for good mulch choices.

    Water often so that the roots take hold.

    If you want to rearrange your landscape, but don’t want to do the work, call us at 407-749-0948 for a free estimate or contact our local branches like our Fort Lauderdale lawn service company. We’ll do the shrub transplanting for you.