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  • A few weeks ago, we talked about planting snapdragons to add color to your landscape during the winter season. Just as with snapdragons, pansies are a varied multi-hued cool weather plant perfect to add to your Hunter’s Creek garden.

    Plant your pansies in full sun. Pansies work well in borders and ground covers thanks to its spread. While not tall, the pansies will spread out about an additional 2 inches from where you plant them, so give them plenty of room to grow and move. Start them out with about 7 to 10 inches apart.

    While it’s not too late to start pansies from seed, they can be tricky. They need complete darkness in order to germinate. We would recommend picking up plants from a greenhouse or consulting a landscaper like our Hunter’s Creek lawn service company.

    Even though pansies do well in cooler weather, they still need a moist and well-drained soil. They also need plenty of water throughout their growing season. Water regularly, and if they start to fail, it’s likely due to the fact they need more water.

    Plant Pansies in Hunter’s Creek

    To prolong the pansies life, remove dead and faded flowers to encourage additional blooms. Pansies will bloom into early summer, but once the temperatures start to climb, expect pansies to wilt in the heat. Consistent care is important, and it may be easier to look into services like our  Hunter’s Creek lawn service company.

    Pansies are often confused with violas; however, both are incredibly similar in behavior. Pansies are edible and you’ll often see them adorning a tropical gourmet dish for added flare.

    Pansies have an added benefit of attracting butterflies. The varieties of pansies offer every shade in purple, yellow, red and blue. Plant one color for a consistent border, or mix and match for a more integrated yet wildflower look.

    Not sure where to plant pansies in your yard? Give us a call at (407) 749-0948 and we’ll connect you with our local Hunter’s Creek lawn service company and they will provide you with a landscaping quote in order to brighten your yard with pansies.