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  • This guest article was written State Property Management LLC. We thank them for their contribution.

    While the other parts of the country endure freezing winters, Orlando residents can enjoy spending time at the lake, strolling in the flowery park or lounging in their backyards. No wonder many people prefer to buy investment property in Orlando. If you own rental assets in this lovely city, however, you should take the time to maintain its lawn. Doing so will present to you and your renters a myriad of health, financial, and social benefits.

    i. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

    Good landscaping enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property and makes it attractive, homely and a comfortable place to stay. Which means, therefore, you will quickly attract high-quality renters who have no qualms about paying rent promptly. If you are unsure what we be aesthetically appealing, consider consulting local landscapers like our Jacksonville lawn service company.

    ii. Improved Market Value

    The beautiful, lawn gives your property a new lush look, which increases its perceived market value. If you ever decide to sell the home or use it as collateral for a loan, you have the guarantee of getting an excellent deal.

    iii. Keeps your renters safe and healthy

    Taking care of the lawn involves establishing the turf, mowing the grass, pruning hedges, as well as removing weeds. These activities eliminate the possibility of pesky pests and insects infestation. As a result, your tenants remain safe and healthy throughout their stay.

    These are just a few grounds why you should take good care of your rental property lawn. Although if you have many properties, we understand that can be hard to manage. Consider consulting a local landscaper, like our Jacksonville lawn service company.

    If you need lawn maintenance advice for your investment property in Orlando, here are a few tips.

    Test your soil

    In order to establish a healthy and beautiful lawn, you need to find out what kind of vegetation will do well on your land. For you to establish that, you must test your soil. Many homeowners make the mistake of hastening to plant their favorite plant before testing the ground. To their dismay, either the seedlings withered or the seeds failed to germinate purely because the land did not contain the ideal nutrients for the plant to grow. Instead of wasting precious time and effort, take the time first to test the soil.

    Jacksonville Lawn Service

    If you are a hands-on landowner, you can source for a test kit, put your soil samples, and mail them for testing. Alternatively, just hire a competent soil testing specialist to do it on your behalf. The test results will give you valuable information about your soil’s pH, as well as nutrient deficiencies. Armed with such information, it becomes easier for you to grow whatever you want. You just need to add the nutrients that your preferred plant requires to grow healthily.

    Set a routine Fertilization and Weed Control Schedule

    Even though adding fertilizer will help make the soil ideal, it is a relatively slow and gradual process. Furthermore, the manure will act as a catalyst which means weeds are likely to sprout up in plenty and compete with your plants for nutrients. Hence, you need to consider investing in a suitable weed control solution. After which, you should establish a practical soil fertilization and weed control schedule. Its good to to get in the in the habit of a schedule but if you need a helping hand there are always help from services like our Jacksonville lawn service company.

    For instance, you could decide to treat your lawn four, five or even six times each growing season i.e. in Spring, Summer, and Fall. The fertilization will make your turf to be drought resistant and healthy, while the weed control will curb the growth of unwanted plants to give you a thick, healthy lawn.

    Get your seeding right

    Seeding is arguably one of the most economical and easiest methods you can use to establish the garden for your investment property in Orlando. Nevertheless, whether you succeed or fail depends on the quality of the seed, the seeding time, seeding rate as well as the planting method. When you shop for seeds, go over the label to ensure you are purchasing top quality products.

    The Florida state laws stipulate that each container should list the seeds purity, germination rate, and weed seed content. Go for the ones that have a purity rate of ninety percent or higher, and a germination rate of eighty-five percent or greater. Such seeds will result in fine lawn establishments with manageable weed invasions.

    Aerate the soil

    Aerate the soil

    Sufficient moisture is necessary for your turf to grow. Nevertheless, be mindful not to pour too much water on the earth or else the seed will become soggy and eventually rot. Also, do not apply water too sparingly as that can result in seed failure. Lastly, keep off from coarse sprays or aeration sprinklers that have high precipitation rates or too much water pressure. Those will wash away the soil cover, leaving your seeds exposed to birds and the sun.

    Instead, use mechanical aerators, fine sprays or sprinklers that have low pressure and precipitation rates. Supply water two to three times daily for about two weeks, or until the seeds germinate. After which, you can decrease the aeration frequency as the vegetation grows.