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  • When a lawn is well-maintained, it is not only a visually appealing sight but a relaxing place for you and your family to enjoy as well as a worthwhile addition to the natural environment. It also significantly raises the overall value of your property.

    Healthy lawns that receive the care they need contribute to the general beauty of neighborhoods, prevent soil erosion, provide a safe and stable landscape, increase the marketability of homes and improve people’s moods. Lawn service on a regular basis helps to transform and maintain lawns into beautiful and effective landscapes.

    Overall Healthy Appearance

    Enhance the appearance of your home by giving your whole landscape the attention it needs through regular maintenance. It is usually easy to identify a lawn that is not properly cared for with signs such as bare areas, overgrown weeds and patches of dry grass. Along with such clues that give you some insight into the condition of your lawn, there are other signs that let you know that good lawn care has been implemented. If you need a helping hand making sure your lawn appears healthy consider looking into landscapers like our Lakeland lawn service company.


    Among the visual signs that you can observe and consult an Orlando lawn service about is the color of the lawn. Various types of grass are usually a vibrant green color, which indicates that the grass is healthy. They normally turn a brown or yellow shade during winter.

    If a lawn that is usually green starts to change color or fade for no apparent reason, it may need fertilizer, water or a combination of the two aspects of lawn care. While observing the color of your lawn, note the variety of grass that you have. Some types of grass are a lighter shade of green or feature a yellow-green when they are healthy. If uncertain, consider having a landscaper like our Lakeland lawn service company take a look and


    Bare spots are easily seen but it is also important to be on the lookout to thinning areas around your lawn. If you are able to see the soil beneath when you look at the grass, the lawn may not be as thick as it should be. Healthy lawns that are properly cared for are usually thick enough to cover the soil.


    While walking on a cared for lawn, the feeling should be comparable to walking on a luxurious carpet. Footsteps should not remain in the lawn because the resilient and string blades of grass provide protection from damage. If the grass is weak, brittle and your footprints are still visible for some time after walking on it, it may need water or has been weakened by a pest infestation and diseases.


    An important sign of good lawn care is thatch layer, which play key role in moisture distribution. It also regulates temperature by insulating the soil. Sufficient thatch is important for the general well being of your lawn but excessive thatch may harbor pests. Maintain an ideal balance of thatch by mowing regularly.


    Professional services, like our Lakeland lawn service company, cover the basic aspects of ensuring that lawns get what they need such as weed control, fertilization and water to enable them to stay alive and healthy. Whether your lawn needs extra care or you have an entire golf course to maintain, services that range from soil enrichment to core aeration are necessary for renovating damaged lawns and developing thriving lawns. Contact a reliable and professional lawn service at LocalLawn to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.