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  • Jogging around my neighborhood this morning (a routine that I quite enjoy and rarely miss), I noticed a change in the environment. My otherwise quiet and lazy neighborhood seemed to be buzzing with activity. Mark, my next-door neighbor was busy trimming the branches of a large oak tree in his yard. Teddy helped his dad hastily clear out the mess outdoors, almost as if to get rid of any potential projectiles that could otherwise cause harm.

    To my surprise, there was activity everywhere-almost as if the entire neighborhood was preparing for something that was going to be epic, unpredictable, and apocalyptic.

    Well, epic, unpredictable, and apocalyptic are the exact words I’d use to describe what we have heading our way!

    Back home, a series of weather reports flashed across my TV screen, with reporters claiming a sudden surge of warm air to likely trigger an outbreak of severe thunderstorms and a possible hurricane in parts of the eastern and southern coast of the United States. Now as accustomed to hurricanes as Florida might be, this seems sudden.

    Meteorologists predict wind speeds of up to 74 mph and above, indicating there could be a drop in visibility too. As images of uprooted trees and harsh winds pop on my TV screen, I understand just how catastrophic this can turn out to be if we’re not prepared.

    Going by the looks of it, I reckon we’re looking at killer-hailstorms, powerful winds, and torrential rains to say the least in our backyards. Fortunately, having lived in the area for several years and having withstood the tides of many such hurricanes, I know just what it takes to have things covered during times such as these. In fact, I’m just-the-right-person you should contact if you want to protect your landscape and property from storm damage.

    Ways to Help your Lawn Withstand the Forces of Mother Nature

    Lawn Care

    Miami Lawn Service – Lawn Care

    One of the first things an experienced landscaping professional, like those at our Miami lawn service company, will tell you is to check the weather forecast before choosing to reseed a lawn. The last thing you want to do is to plant seeds or bedding plants just before an expected storm. While heavy rains run the risk of washing away your seed and fertilizer, the likes of hail and harsh winds can whisk away any bedding shrubs you might have planted recently. Your best bet is to always rely on the weatherman before making any major plans to your garden.

    Another tip is to apply mulches or ground cloth (you can use hemp netting if you wish) so as to protect your topsoil from hammering rains. Not only will this secure your planting in place but it will also prevent rainwater from eroding precious topsoil and soil amendments.

    Landscaping & Trees

    Landscaping and Trees

    As obvious as it might seem, many homeowners forget to inspect or have their trees inspected periodically. I mean we’re talking about harsh winds and killer hailstorms; it therefore should come as no surprise that they’re capable of bringing down any dead, weak, and unsupported branches. Secure any young or weak trees with tree stakes and wires so as to ensure they develop a strong root system as they grow. You can always remove these supports after the trees have grown strong enough to support themselves even in harsh conditions.

    In view of the skilled judgment you might need, my two cents is to get your trees inspected by an expert. Not only are experts like us capable of detecting any weak limbs and branches but we’re also capable of identifying specific areas in your lawn that might pose a hazard to your property.

    That said, proactive inspections aren’t for existing trees alone. If you’re planning to erect a new tree in your landscape, make sure you only purchase trees that have a strong trunk and root system. Magnolias and live Oaks are great choices to work with.



    When it comes to protecting your home and garden from hurricanes and harsh weather, investing in a proper drainage system is crucial. Make sure your landscape features do not become potholes for water to stagnate. Investing in French drains- a type of drainage system that diverts ground and stagnant water away from your home is a good thing to do. Likewise, adding additional soil to plants or planting raised beds can help prevent water from stagnating and destroying your plants. If you are uncertain if your yard has proper drainage, consider having someone like our Miami lawn service company give it a look over, just to make sure.

    Hurricane Preparedness

    Hurricane Preparedness

    In view of the hurricane approaching, it’s best to get rid of any loose debris, decorations, hanging plants, and garden tools lurking around your yard- anything that could become a harmful projectile in harsh wind.

    You can also contact us at Local Lawn. We’d love to help.

    Having witness, braced, and prepared for many such events, our Miami lawn service company has just-the-right experience and skill to help you maintain a beautiful lawn year around- even during times when Mother Nature isn’t as benevolent as she usually is. Reach out to us for end-to-end lawn care services. In particular, be sure to schedule an inspection from one of our skilled specialists.

    Trust us to keep your lawns looking beautiful and healthy this season. We won’t disappoint!