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  • No summer is complete without hosting a quintessential barbecue party and what better place to host it than your own backyard. I mean the thrill of flaming your favorite foods on the grill is second to none and a backyard BBQ is one of the most fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy a day out in the sun with your loved ones.

    Now if that isn’t tempting enough, think about all that divine smoke-invoking flavors you’ll be feasting on. I mean let’s face it; America is heaven to food fanatics on a quest for hunger and great food. From grilled burgers to some of the fanciest recipes of poultry, pork ribs, beef steaks and briskets- we’re talking about a delicious spread of succulent meat, topped with layers of cheese and fries, stacked one on top of the other (of course I know this isn’t an article on food, but if you’re hoping to host the perfect BBQ party this summer, then you’d want your yard to be healthy, green, and lush to say the least.)

    Fortunately, we couldn’t have asked for a better time to put things to work. Spring is a great season to tend to your garden and at our Spring Hill lawn service company we have just the right prep-steps to get your lawn looking all perked up for summer!

    When it comes to a good spring-care lawn routine, expect to spend a little time and effort in mowing, fertilizing, de-weeding, and of course dealing with bare patches. While this might be quite your run-of-the-mill lawn-care routine anyway, with the help of just the right amount of sun and shade, your efforts are sure to bear maximum fruit.

    Ok, now for the routine:

    Mowing in the Spring

    Spring Hill Lawn Service

    Arguably the most important task in lawn care, regular and correct mowing can make or break the outcome of your efforts. With the weather warming up in spring, expect to cut your grass every week (or even more frequently depending on how fast your grass is growing). You might also want to maintain the same blade length all through spring. For most lawns, the ideal length is about 2.5 to 3 inches high. However, for lawns that run the risk of a lot of wear and tear, you’re better off maintaining a length of 2 inches. Irrespective of how tedious mowing might be, make sure you don’t succumb to mowing your lawn too short as this will weaken the grass, cause bald patches, and allow weeds and moss to grow in place of them. At our Spring Hill lawn service company , we have a great team of skilled mowers who are trained to make your job easier.

    Next on the priority list is feeding your lawn at the right time and with the right lawn food. Maintaining an ideal feeding routine will not only leave your grass looking greener, but it will also make them grow thicker and stronger. Opt for a granular feeding system that supplies a regular stream of nutrients over many weeks.

    Weeds and moss are unwanted plants that come uninvited and feed off your precious plant life- to the point that they can quickly take over your garden without you even knowing about it. They’re opportunistic and wild and can prevent you from enjoying your precious little lawn. Fortunately, a healthy, well-maintained, and well-fed lawn is vigorous and strong enough to deal with weeds and moss.

    Treat your lawn with a liquid lawn weed-killer if it’s plagued by weeds alone. Alternatively, treat your lawn with a lawn moss killer if it’s plagued by moss alone. Most moss-killers contain nutrients that green up your lawn, but they also turn any existing moss into black as they die. Your best bet is to therefore treat your lawn with a moss-killer well before you plan to host any BBQ party.

    Dealing with Bare Patches this Spring

    Spring Hill Lawn Service Company

    As a consequence of the freezing temperatures of winter, many lawns are stripped off patches of turf and end up having bare spots by spring. Not only do these bare patches look unpleasant, but they’re also perfect homes for weeds and moss to take hold of.  Fortunately, they’re plenty of organic products that help deal with any bare lawn patches. They typically have a combination of grass, seed, wire, and slow-release feed that help fill up bare patches with thick grass in quick time.

    While the above tips work extremely well at giving you the perfect lawn to host your BBQ, they do but take a little effort and time from you. Fortunately, being too busy or not having the time to tend to your yard doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the perfect lawn. We’re here to help. Reach out to us at our Spring Hill lawn service company and we’ll take care of everything for you.