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    Our Full Service Offering

    • Lawn Mowing – We do it fast and precise! Our mowers mulch as we go, returning nutrients to your lawn.
    • Grass Trimming – String trimming keeps all the edges looking clean and tidy.
    • Stick Edging – We edge around buildings, walkways, driveways to keep your property looking manicured.
    • Hedge & Shrub Pruning – Or course we do hedges too!
    • Weeding – Weeds and debris are removed from flower and plant beds and other landscape areas as needed.
    • Blowing & Cleanup – We strive to leave behind as little landscape debris as possible. We’ll haul it away too.
    • Additional Lawn Care Services – Need more work? We do it all – mulching, sodding, tree trimming, fertilizing & pest control, irrigation & more. Whatever it takes to get your lawn and landscape looking great!

    Our Client Testimonials

    @locallawn the LocalLawn team is incredibly professional and easy to work with. My yard is consistently in shape ..and sharp.
    -Patricia Stewart, Resident of Isleworth, Windermere

    We happily serve residents all across Orlando and Central Florida with reliability and professionalism.
    — Mike & Lindsay, from the LocalLawn team