the team at LocalLawn has been maintaining our landscaping for years now.. they are perfectionists and have turned my backyard into my personal, private sanctuary..
— Elizabeth Blakely, Resident of Windermere

Overview of Residential Program

LocalLawn has been providing professional landscape maintenance and lawn services in Kissimmee for over 10 years. We believe that meticulous care of your landscaping is the most important step in building curb appeal and more importantly enjoying your property.

why we're different

The majority of our company growth is through organic referrals. Neighbors of our clients see our work and become our clients.

Standard Lawn Care Services

  1. Lawn Mowing – We mow all reachable grass turf areas in front, back and side yards. Our mowers are designed to mulch grass clippings. But, when necessary clippings can be composted onsite or even removed to a yard waste recycling center.
  2. Grass Trimming – String trimming is performed around all landscape features, obstacles, along fences, sidewalks, patios, etc., preventing unsightly grass growth along and around these features.
  3. Stick Edging – We edge around buildings, street curbs, walkways, and driveways each time we visit. This prevents over-growth and keeps the borders of the yard looking well-manicured.
  4. Hedge & Shrub Pruning – The over growth of the hedges and shrubs in your yard will be trimmed. This is usually done as needed based on growth and local ordinances.
  5. Weeding – Weeds and yard debris are removed from flower and plant beds and other landscape areas when needed.
  6. Blowing / Cleanup – We strive to leave behind as little lawn debris as possible. We use air blowers to clean up all maintenance related debris from, parking areas, patios, breezeways, sidewalks, driveways, and even streets. Excess or large debris will be placed in a property trash receptacle or hauled away.

Additional Lawn Care Services

  1. Yard Clean Up – If you have extensive amounts of yard waste or debris on your property, or are looking for fall or spring seasonal clean-up we do provide a separate yard clean up service.
  2. Mulching – Adding fresh mulch to plant and flower beds is one of the fastest ways to refresh the look of your yard and keep those plants and trees healthy while reducing unsightly weeds. Unless otherwise agreed to this is an additional service and is not included in our standard lawn service package.
  3. Sodding – Sometimes a lawn has simply too many problems and needs to be partially or completely replaced. Whether there is a small area in your yard that needs to be replaced or your entire lawn needs to be resodded we’ve got you covered. 
  4. Core Aeration & Thatching – Grass absorbs water and nutrients from the soil it is planted in. If the soil is compacted too tightly, or too much debris has built up, grass health will be negatively impacted. Core aeration and dethatching are techniques used to open the soil and enable your lawn to become thicker and healthier.
  5. Fertilizing and Pest Control – Feeding your lawn and controlling the pests in your lawn is crucial to having a healthy lawn year round. 
  6. Landscape Enhancements – Services range from the installation and maintenance of hardscapes and softscapes to complete lawn installations or renovations, we're able to handle all landscape improvements. 
  7. Irrigation Maintenance & Installation – We are specialists in landscape hydration and can help you monitor, repair and enhance your irrigation system with simple or the latest technology.
  8. Other Landscape Services – Need something not listed here, please let us know. We can probably take care of it for you.

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Did you know?


Here's a fun fact about Kissimmee. Chief Osceola was a member of a native American tribe in Florida. Although most tribes did not oppose the white encroachment, Osceola was furious about the way the Seminoles were treated. He was determined to help maintain the Seminole heritage and homeland. This determination led to his willingness to take a leadership role within the tribe even though he never held the formal title of Chief. In 1887, the county was named in honor of "Chief" Osceola, when Osceola County became Florida's 40th county.