Bay Hill Lawn Care Services

Call Bay Hill's best lawn care specialists for top quality, reliable services at great rates. We'll keep your lawn looking great all year long. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Lawn Mowing - We do it fast and precise! Our mowers mulch as we go, returning nutrients to your lawn.
  • Grass Trimming - String trimming keeps all the edges looking clean and tidy.
  • Stick Edging - We edge around buildings, walkways, driveways to keep your property looking manicured.
  • Hedge & Shrub Pruning - Or course we do hedges too!
  • Weeding - Weeds and debris are removed from flower and plant beds and other landscape areas as needed.
  • Blowing & Cleanup - We strive to leave behind as little landscape debris as possible. We’ll haul it away too.
  • Additional Lawn Care Services - Need more work? We do it all - mulching, sodding, tree trimming, fertilizing & pest control, irrigation & more. Whatever it takes to get your lawn and landscape looking great!

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The team at LocalLawn leaves no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of my lawn. I’m not the easiest to please sometimes but they never disappoint me.
— Rhys Jones, Bay Hill Resident, Orlando

Our Bay Hill Service Area

We serve all of Bay Hill and the surrounding areas, north to Isleworth into Windermere, south towards Westgate, east into Dr. Phillips and west towards Vineland Road. Looking for a nearby location? We serve some neighboring communities too.

A Few of Our Clients’ Neighborhoods..

Bay Hill Estates, North Bay, South Bay, Sanctuary at Bay Hill, Emerson Pointe, Phillips Landing, Turnberry, Palm Lake, Cypress Pointe..and more!

What is not to love about the famous Bay Hill?! We would love to maintain your lawn in this affluent town!
— Mike & Brooke, from the LocalLawn team