Residential Monthly Lawn Service


Residential Monthly Lawn Service

from 99.00

Limited Promotion: Loyal Clients with us for 3 months will receive 1st month FREE!

  • Service Visits: Forty-two service visits each calendar year
  • Mowing: Mowing, edging, weeding, blowing of pathways
  • Trimming: Trimming of shrubs and ground cover up to 30’x3’x3’ once per month
  • Weed Control: Flower beds will be maintained free of weeds
  • Treatment: Round-up treatment on unsightly vegetative growth in pathway
  • Irrigation/Pest Monitoring: Observation of lawn conditions and hydration levels
  • Enhancements: Recommended landscape ideas to accentuate your property

*If service is purchased after the 1st of this month, pro-rated credit for partial month will be provided on next invoice.

*If your property is larger than 1 acre or if you have any other special requirements please call us at (407) 873-6057.

Property Size:
Additional Terms: To terminate service a thirty day cancellation notice is required. LocalLawn reserves the right to assess a one-time fee equal to or greater than the rate quoted above if landscape conditions are excessively overgrown and require extensive clean-up beyond an ordinary course service visit. LocalLawn reserves the right to assess a late fee of up to 25.0% of the outstanding balance on open invoices deemed excessively delinquent for services rendered; by purchasing service with our company you acknowledge and accept this condition. To redeem first service month free promotion please send us a copy of your receipt after the third month of service to receive account refund for first month service.